Silk Scarves

The gorgeous silk sacrves are hand made in Cambodia by Kraven House which means “Blossum House”. This symbolises the hope given to all the workers who are given the opportunity to participate more fully in their communities. Established in Phnom Penh, Cambodia in 2003 by an inspiring lady, Thanan Hok, Kraven House employs home-based, disabled workers. Her business coordinates the work of over 30 producers from both city and rural areas who expertly weave, hand-dye and sew the silks and cottons. Over half the artisans have disabilities like herself, mainly through landmine accidents and polio. Her successful business is providing opportunities for these skilled artisans to earn a decent wage and have greater access to international markets for their beautiful products.



Contact Us

63 Murray Street,
Tanunda SA 5352
Ph:  0410917824