Education For The Future (Cambodian)

Education For The Future is a Cambodian Non-Government Organisation on the outskirts of Phnom Penh. It was founded in 2013 by Igino Briam, an Italian Goldsmith. He has made available his thirty years experience to help street kids by teaching them ancient metalworking methods and the opportunity to learn a trade. Their work involves the use of recycled landmine and bullet casing metal to create pieces of finely crafted jewellery. They are currently building a large structure to house an improved workshop and provide accommmodation for the students and their families. 

$42.00 AUD

Product: Education For The Future (Cambodian) - Double Oval Earrings (6cm long)

$42.00 AUD

Product: Education For The Future (Cambodian) - Silver Triple Earrings (4.5cm long)



Contact Us

63 Murray Street,
Tanunda SA 5352
Ph:  0410917824