Hello, I'm Lisa and this is Elemental Barossa

Monday, March 5, 2018

I’m often asked how Elemental Barossa came about.......Once Upon A Time....... just kidding!!! So I wanted to give you an insight to my life and how I came to open a store in the Barossa.


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Children Learn What They Live

Friday, November 3, 2017

Children learn what they live; this phrase resonates so strongly with me. In a world where our children have so many more material possessions than we as kids ever dreamed possible, I find it very important to teach our children important lessons around the price of a product not necessarily reflecting the true value of a product. This lesson was learnt by Master 5 this Halloween.

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Gorgeous Fair Trade Jewellery

Monday, May 16, 2016

These earrings started life on the Cambodian / Thai boarder in a heavily land mined region, read how they were transformed and the impact this transformation is having on communities in Cambodia, and how this beautiful jewellery is now available in the Barossa Valley.


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Why My Passion For Fair Trade?

Thursday, January 28, 2016

I have some new gorgeous wallets from Cambodia in stock and I had a customer say to me  that I was really “enthusiastic” about the Fair Trade products that I have in store. Where does my enthusiasm for this simple wallet and all the other Fair Trade products come from? It is from seeing first-hand the difference giving people an opportunity to improve their lives can really make.


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Joy in Simplicity

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

I love the simplicity of the daily family rituals. My day always starts with me in a slumber, subconsciously hearing Master 3 (the early riser in our household) get out of bed and meander down the hallway with his bunny and teddy held closely to our bedroom. This is followed by my favourite part of the day when I get my morning cuddles and to lie in bed with my cuddly boy, he snuggles up and we talk about the day ahead and all the fun things we will be doing. And I get to hold his little hands close to me and I think about how big he is getting and that he’s not my little baby anymore. There we stay until Master 5 wakes and joins us. No better way to start the day than with my boys having cuddles. 

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Mother’s Day

Monday, April 27, 2015

My parents recently moved house and I was surprised to see my mother still had some of the 'handmade' presents that I had made when I was a child, mostly from Mother’s Day, and the hand drawn cards I had scrawled with “I Love You Mummy”. They are her treasures from when I was a little girl she said.

My perspective on Mother’s Day has changed now that I am a mother myself to Master 3 and Master 5. I realise what hard work it is! Wonder how it is possible to have so much love for these little people in my life. And the fears and worries I have for them as they navigate the world. Now that I am a Mother, Mother’s Day is more special to me; I know the hard work my Mother put in!

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