Chindi Baskets

The origins of chindi weaving come from a humble place. Historically, women in India began upcycling old cotton clothing, creating useful items for their homes to save money and resources. Now, cotton scraps and sustainable jute fibers are woven together and sewn to create everything from rugs and baskets, to trivets.

Medium - W=29 H=50 Drop=22cm

Large - W=51 H=40 D=27 Drop=23cm

African Market Baskets

Elephant grass grows surrounding waterholes in the Sahel region of West Africa. The strong slender leaves are harvested seasonally by the Fra Fra people of Northern Ghana, then soaked and stretched to produce a fine, supple, and extra strong fibre. Your purchase of this items helps to maintain the time-honoured craft of weaving, while continuing a long-existing fari trade relationship with these people.

Each basket is unique in pattern and colour, please contact the store for the latest styles.


$90.00 AUD

Product: Baskets - Chindi Blend basket - Large

$65.00 AUD

Product: Baskets - Chindi Blend Basket - Medium

$110.00 AUD

Product: Baskets - Chindi Market Basket - Large

$60.00 AUD

Product: Baskets - Market Baskets



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