African Bowls

Tintsaba Baskets

These beautfuil baskets have been handmade by a women's group in Swaziland, hand woven from Sisal Agave, an invasive weed that grows throughout the country. The sisal is processed using little water and GOTs certified dyes. Their products are recognised around the world for their outstanding quality as well as the beautiful story. 

Rwandan Baskets

Intricately woven, craftswomen in Rwanda use timeless tradition to weave carefully dyed raffia fibers and grass to make stunning one of a kind pieces rich in cultural meaning and purpose.  They are perfect to be used as a bread serving bowl, display of fresh fruit or vegetables, or hung on the wall in a well crafted collage or set. Baskets carry their own symbolism in Rwanda; friends give them to celebrate major life events such as weddings, births and graduations, baskets are proudly displayed as symbols of wealth of friends, family and life. 

  •  Medium baskets are 25cm x 7cm
  •  Large baskets are 30cm x 8cm
  • Jumbo baskets are 40cm x 12 cm

$40.00 AUD

Product: African Bowls - Tintsaba - Diamond Earth Small (16cm)

$120.00 AUD

Product: African Bowls - Tintsaba - Diamond Basket Rainbow Large (32cm)

$120.00 AUD

Product: African Bowls - Tintsaba, Black + White (lge)

$43.00 AUD

Product: African Bowls - Rwandan, Sunflower (med)



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