Block printers

An artisan cooperative from the Barmer region of Rajasthan, India practice the traditional art of wood-block printing using natural dyes. Scarves are printed using hand carved wooden blocks and natural dyes. The cooperative was struggling to find a market for their products, putting this traditional art at risk. Fair Trade practices helped the cooperative create new, functional products, keepting the tradition alive and making it possible to bring these products to you.

Basket Weavers

Every product has a story behind it. That story flows through each individual artisan's hands as he or she creates the products. From their hands to yours. Meet Maliceline one of the Rwandian artisians  "My name is Maliceline and I am a weaver. My husband works as a builder, and together we support our children, two girls and two boys, as well as my cousin Clementine. Clementine is only a teenager; she was orphaned when her parents died at a refugee camp in the aftermath of the genocide. I can never replace her parents, but to me there is no difference between Clemintine and my other children. I have been weaving for 24 of last 37 years. I joined a weaving cooperative through All Across Africa a year ago and now serve as a member of the leadership committee. Since working with All Across Africa, I have earned enough money to afford electricity and better clothes for my family. I can pay for food, school fees, and health insurance, too. This was not the case before I started selling my baskets through All Across Africa; back then I had to pay for transportation in order to sell my baskets an hour away in Kigali. And I wasn’t able to make nearly as much as I do now when I sold them in the local market. Living in post-genocide Rwanda with memories of lost family members and friends is difficult. But being in a cooperative helps us to forgive each other and work together. We were not expecting to reunite as a nation, but I am glad that we are now working with each other."


AfriBeads are made by a group of 70 women in Kampala, Uganda called the Kind Mothers' Project. AfriBeads are individually made from stripes of recycled paper cut into triangles and rolled into beads, then varnished, before being made into unique and gorgeous jewellery. Afribeads is helping the Ugandan women a bead at a time.



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